Domestic Transport

"Almirk" provides transport services to any location within Bulgaria. The transportation vehicles are of varying load capacity and their equipment meets all technical requirements.


Forwarding arrangements

"Almirk" has established long-term partnerships with selected local and international carriers /forwarders/ which have proved their reliability, integrity and competence. This enables us to respond swiftly to orders placed for the European Union member states, Turkey, Russia and others. That way we guarantee our customers quality service and execution in due delivery time of any cargo assigned to us.



"Almirk" has a logistics center in Sofia offering reception and storage of shipments for unlimited period of time until requested by the customer. The company offers transport of goods to and from one point to another as well as full service storage between the two operations. "Almirk" delivers optimal logistics solutions tailored to the individual requirements of its customers.


Own Fleet

Almirk has its own means of transport. The vehicles vary in load capacity and equipment which in all cases meets all the technical requirements. This guarantees a prompt and safe delivery of your cargos.

Warehouse in the city of Sofia

The company also has a warehouse in the city of Sofia, where we can store items for an indefinite period of time, to be called by the customer.

Insurance / Liability

All goods are covered by insurance / liability of the carrier / pursuant to the Convention on CMR.